If you are in need of a professional, dedicated electrical service, I recommend you call Penco Electrical Contractors, Inc.

As the manager of a very busy restaurant, if I have an issue with any of my electrical equipment or service, it affects my bottom line.  I feel like Penco understands the unique challenges our business faces and they respond quickly.  The Penco Service Technicians definitely know what they are doing.  Once they repair something, I know I do not need to worry about it.

Houston’s has been around for many years, and we have continued to use Penco because of their consistent professionalism.  Just like with the restaurant business, they understand there is a lot of competition in the electrical service industry, and they keep ‘stepping it up’ to give us great service.

Tony Dubose

It is almost unheard of that a project is completed without a punch-list, and this clearly shows the planning, care, and effort that Penco and AE Security put into this job. The Warden at GDCP and the Georgia Department of Corrections is quite pleased with your work on this project.

Mike Barrett Barrett
Design Group

Penco Electrical Contractors, Inc. has been a valued contractor for my company for over 6 years.  They provide service for all my Carmax locations in the Atlanta area.  They have consistently provided high quality and prompt service for me and my customers.

Their electricians are highly trained and are very professional with my customers.  They have a proven track record with me for quality repairs at fair pricing structure.

Penco Electrical Contractors, Inc. is one of my highest rated contractors in the United States.  This is based on dispatch time, on time completion and call backs.

I would highly recommend Penco Electrical Contractors, Inc. for any type of electrical service work.

Scott Currie
Retail Electrical Services LLC.

I wanted to convey my appreciation for the outstanding job your team did during the zoo’s Maintenance Hub cabinet move.  Ashley and Jeff were able to accomplish the impossible by moving the hub cabinet, pulling all the fiber and phone lines and keeping the 72 fiber connections intact!  I have never witnessed fiber optics removed from a bulkhead, pulled through a mud-filled conduit and replaced at a new location without even a glitch.  Once the cabinet was moved, they carefully reconnected all fiber connectors and we were up and running shortly thereafter.  Their professionalism and thoroughness on the job was apparent from start to finish.   Excellent work! I will be sure to utilize Penco Electrical Contractors services again in the near future.

Scott Paul
Zoo Atlanta