Company Overview

Penco Electrical Contractors, Inc. is committed to providing the best quality services in our area by having the best trained personnel, contributing to our industry, and providing exceptional customer service. We will be the leaders in our industry for quality, technology, and timely solutions to our customers difficult problems. We are committed to fostering long term business relationships with our customers.

Our Commitment To You

Our Mission, Our Vision and Our Core Values are what sets Penco apart from our competition. It makes us the right choice in the electrical industry for our customers. Since 1983, Penco has provided first-rate electrical services for commercial and industrial clients throughout metro Atlanta.

Our Mission:
Exceptional performance resulting in customer satisfaction and added value

Our Vision:
Exceed expectation in quality of work and recruiting and retaining people

Strategic Goal:
To be the preferred electrical contractor by choice

We will govern our actions by asking the following:

    Is it the truth (not hearsay or rumor)
    Will it build good will and a better partnership
    Is it fair and beneficial to all

Our Core Values:
    We respect the individual
    We require complete honesty
    We are frugal
    Clarity in understanding our mission, our goals and what we expect from each other
    We are believers in the Golden Rule
    We feel a sense of urgency

Penco Electric is committed to providing a service to the public based on professionalism, efficiency and cost consciousness.